so.... no beach trip for me afterall :(

Thanks to a little something called TROPICAL STORM LEE!

After reviewing the radar all day Thursday and Friday...and again on Saturday (hoping*) we made the decision that this weekend would not be the best time to take a beach trip :(

{I live right around where it's ORANGE, and I was hoping to vacation in the lime green area}

{a little better view of the mess I was about to get myself into this weekend}

{think this guy got a tan over the weekend?}
*images found via Google; sources unknown*

So instead, I packed my beach gear and headed to my bestie's house

There, she had set up a "beach" for us to enjoy from home, complete with:
  • the Gulf (lukewarm water in her huge bathtub)
  • lounge chairs and towels
  • the latest fashion mags
  • a bucket of iced down beers
  • and beach tunes
Unfortunately, (and perhaps a good thing) these are the only photos I have to show for this:

(Heidi enjoying the "beach" with us}

The rest are just randoms. I blame the shots of tequila!

But, there was a good side to all of this. 

First, and foremost, I got to hang out with my bestie, her man and my man! Yaay! Good times.

Also, LSU kicked some Duck butt Saturday's always good when your team wins the first game of the season!

I promise to post pix of our {finished} patio soon.....I've just been so busy.

Have a great day, people!

Mrs. V!ck

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  1. The picture of Heidi is my fave. Had a good time with you friendy!