Friendsgiving 2011

It's Monday...back to reality.
BUT FIRST, check out my fantastic Thanksgiving vacay in Colorado!

We arrived in the Mile High City early Wednesday morning and immediately hit the slopes!

{Day 1 of Bob's ski lessons...}

Later that evening, we played downtown at Celtic Tavern and later on at La Boheme.

On Turkey day, we woke to a beautiful 70 degree Denver day, with a yummy pancake breakfast and the smell of Friendsgiving goodness cooking the the kitchen...
 {Bob and Wawa's balcony, looking westward to the foothills}

{half way through breakfast, I decided to snap a quick pic}

Although the turkey wasn't done cooking at noon, it was well worth the wait. And let me just tell you 'bout that hashbrown casserole! Ooooohweeeeee!  

We spent the majority of the day just as Thanksgiving should be.... napping lazily with full bellies on the sofa :)

BLACK FRIDAY! It was a refreshing 25 degrees outside-Not exactly what I had in mind for shopping, but I made the best of it, and scored a few awesome deals
like this sexy little number from Express
{FYI, leather jacket = instant badass!}

By noon, we were spent (literally) and headed home to get ready for the LSU-Arkansas game.
How 'bout dem Tigers, y'all!!
Later that night, we got a leetle out of hand at Double Daughters, one of our fav bars in LoDo.

{yes, I'm still on a Twilight kick. DON'T JUDGE!}

Saturday was our day to do some major skiing. 
Forecast: Sunny and 10 degrees, with a couple inches of new powder.


{I found myself a toasty corner to snuggle into. Ahhhh, warmth}

Even with frozen extremities, cracked skin, altitude sickness and chapped lips, I can't help but love Colorado!
And we can't wait to get back there to play with our friends again!

Shout out to the Basses for hosting us for Friendsgiving!

I hope everyone of you had a lovely Thanksgiving Holiday.

Up next, trimming the tree. Stay tuned!

Mrs. V!ck


giving thanks....

Over the years, I have learned that there is so much in life to be thankful for.  See, in the past, Thanksgiving was the holiday we squeezed in between Halloween and Christmas. And frankly, it was nothing more than a day off from school for me.  My mother didn't grow up celebrating thanksgiving, so turkey and dressing were not really her thing. And to my dad, gumbo and jambalaya WINS over the traditional stuff every time.

Nevertheless, having spent numerous Thanksgivings with my hubb's family, it's become more apparent that this isn't just a social event focused around eating (because you know we like to eat) but it's more a time of togetherness. It's the opportunity to reflect on life's blessings and to give thanks.

I may not always express my gratitude, but there are so many things in my life to be grateful for:
good health, good memories, 
my doggies, sunshine,
extended family and in-laws,
wonderful friends, far and near.

The roof over my head and the job that's keeping it there

Skyping with my family in France
because I love seeing their beautiful faces

My parents, for their love and support.
Without them, I don't know how or where my life would be today
And of course my beloved husband.
He's my best friend and I love him more and more every day

What do you have to be thankful for?

Mrs. V!ck


DIY: Christmas Ornaments!

A few weeks back, I saw this DIY pin on Pinterest and just had to try it for myself!  Considering I never have the same Christmas decor 2 years in a row, I decided it was probably a good {money saving} idea to make my own ornies this year.

For starters, this year's decor color scheme is: bronze, copper and champagne.

 SO here's what you'll need:
1. plain glass ornaments

 {$3.99 for 12 on sale at Hobby Lobby}

 2. fine grain glitter 
{$4.99 for a 6-pack}

3. the glue that holds it all together:
yep, Pledge floor finish [because it's sticky]
Make sure you get the one with FUTURE on the bottle!

Now, let's get started:
Remove the metal hangers from each ornament

Pour a small amount of floor cleaner liquid 
into the ornie and swirl it around until it coats the inside. 
Be sure to pour the excess liquid back into the bottle

Next, pour your glitter into the opening and swirl 
or shake it all around, covering the entire 
inside wall of the ornament

Once you have completely covered the inside 
of the ornament with glitter, dump out any 
excess glitter back into its container.

Lastly, put the hangers back on the ornaments and VOILA! 

Mmmmm, I can't wait to deck my halls with these shimmery balls. HA!

You can do this too! It's so easy!

xoxo, Mrs. V!ck


F is for....Freakin' weekend!

It's finally Friday, people!  And here are just a few fantastic things tickling my fancy ....

        "F" is for:

Scratch that off my Pinterest Challenge list!

my favorite time of year

 {french toast}
Recipe from BHG

 you know who you are 

{first anniversaries}
 [belated] Congrats to the Halphens!!

{Forks, WA}
mmmmHELLO! 11.18.11

ya damn right! GEAUX TIGERS!

What are your plans for this weekend?

Mrs. V!ck


funny stuff

I always like to tune in to LolaInspired for her Awkward and Awesome Thursday! posts. If you haven't read one yet, you definitely should, because this gal will make you bust a gut laughing. 

Note: I'm not going to have a habitual post like this one, but I just had to share this one time...

AWESOME...stumbling across a really pretty white fur cape that would be perfect for a friend of mine to wear over her wedding gown since it’ll prob be pretty cold the night of.

AWKWARD.... trying it on and noticing it's actually a Christmas tree skirt!  WHAMP WHAMP! 

AWESOME...these fantastic new suede wedges I bought

AWKWARD... for some reason, they smell like bologna burps. NO! It's not my feet. They smelled like that in the box.

Yay for Thursdays!!

Mrs. V!ck


Party Pix!!

My apologies for having taken so long to post pics of our ghoulish garments...

Dia de los Muertos

 did you see his burrito?

 Queen Bee and her Worker Bee!

 Mr and me {heart}

 yummy cupcakes!


 Mother Nature and the Black Widow

 Paulie D and Storm!

 Billy the Exterminator and his 'pest'

 Looks like Buddha is about to take a bite out of Dud's crotch! Ahhh!


Mrs. V!ck