sleeping beauty...

So, as part of my summer bucket list (as seen on Lola Inspired a few weeks back) I've decided that I want to DIY a headboard for our master bedroom.

I have all the time and skill needed to create this little beauty, but I just can't seem to make up my mind as to what style of headboard I want. Here's what I DO know:

I want a simple rectangle, or as they say, 'Oxford'

Also, I definitely want White (P)Leather

Now I need to decide what style I'd like to have. There are so many options. I could go with a tufted look:

{I know this will probably take a lot more time and elbow grease to create, but they're just so fab!}

Another option would be to have smooth fabric with a nailhead trim like this:

 Then again, a framed headboard could be a possibility as well...

 I just can't make up my mind....guess I'll have to consult with Mr. V!ck on this one...after all, he sleeps there too ;)

Mrs. V!ck


Patio Transformation.... Part I

Since we moved into our house (circa March 2010) we've been toying around with different ideas for the parking lot we have out back. Yes, I said parking lot.

Apparently, at one point during the life of our little house, it was a law office? Or perhaps a daycare...? I don't know, but there was some sort of business there, which is why we have a parking lot in our back yard.

Mr. V!ck and I are quite the out-doorsy couple, so it was/is very important to us to have a nice outdoor space to relax and entertain in.  

The first step in the transformation process was to define the space by staining a section of the concrete. We purchased Smith's Color Floor stain ( from Coles Florist).

The color we chose was "fawn" from Smith's Old World series. It gives a translucent layer of color over the concrete, creating the acid effect of traditional concrete staining.

The application process is fairly simple. Depending on how much concrete you want to show through, simply adjust the color by adding water and apply using a garden sprayer.

*NOTE: before staring, be sure to prep the area (sweep and pressure wash to get a clean surface)*

{ Mr. V!ck hard at work applying the stain :)   }

Multiple coats of stain can be applied to darken the color. Once you're satisfied with the color, a sealant needs to be applied over the stain to protect from the elements and add a bit of shine.

 Our next step in transforming this space will be to add some custom built seating and a canopy, which we plan to tackle this weekend... Right now all we have is a 7-foot swing (a wedding gift from the boss-man) and some rattan chairs (Ikea).

Another item we plan to add to our space is a custom built cooler, (built by my daddy) made from the remains of an old bench.

The structures, rattan furniture, cooler and custom seating will be stained in a dark cherry color. Up next, custom built seating.....

Stayed tuned for more :)

xo, Mrs. V!ck



Being the sneaky gal that I am, I snatched Mr.V!ck's copy of Fleet Foxes newest album from his truck before work this morning... {insert evil laugh here}

The Fleet Foxes are, hands down, one of my favorite bands- and if you ever listened to them, you would feel the same.....or at least you should.  Their style is a little bit rock, a little bit folk, and much harmonizing. If there was a sound track to my life, Fleet Foxes would definitely be the headliners...

Here's a little song called Lorelai, off their newest album Helplessness Blues.


xo, Mrs. V!ck



just can't get enough....Ruffles & Lace!

I've been seeing it every where. So Sexy! So Fem!  Here are just a few of my favs:


{bedding and curtains from Urban Outfitters}

{Marlowe wedding dress on  $1695}

{dress by Karen Millen }

{ ruffled bloomers found on weloveit }

and lace...

{ image vis vitaee }

[ image via nasty gal }

{ image from }

{ image from april-inside }

{sexy backless lace wedding gown via DelightfullyEngaged }

So there you have current fixation.

xo, Mrs. V!ck



more on weddings....

So I have another lovely couple of friends getting married soon!  Congrats to the 'Bass'-To-Be, Laura! and her Groom, Bob.  CHEERS to the {future} new couple!

We recently threw a 'Tool Shower' for Mr. Bass, and it went like this:

9 rounds later, the girls' team was still undefeated. True Story!

But the guys finally got one...

the last one...


Now as the big day approaches, there is much to plan: Bridal Shower (next weekend!), bachelorette party, lingerie shower, NOLA be prepared!

Right now, I am trying to decide on the shoes I should wear with my b-maid gown. Here it is:

dress by Jasmine Bridal from the B2 Collection

What's funny is this is the exact dress I wore for Mrs. B's wedding back in January, only in a different color (sorry no pics available)

Anywho, so the dress is an espresso brown (above) and I'm trying to find the perfect shoes to wear. Although, let's be real, the dress is long and me feet probably won't even be showing but here's what I've been eying. Let me know your thoughts:

{glittery bronze t-strap}


{ another glittery gold high heel sandal}

honestly, I don't know when I'll ever wear a pair of glittery shoes again, 
but don't you just love them?!

Then again, I could just go with something basic?

 {Almond snakeskin pump}

{ Nude patent pump}

 {Camel patent sling back}

Here's a little more info on the color scheme of this wedding. 
It will be held outside in August and the flowers will look a little something like this:

So which shoe would you choose?
 I can't decide !!

xo, Mrs. V!ck

this is why j'aime being Française...

This came to me last night, randomly. I had gotten a phone call from ma mere who is on vacay right now in the motherland.  She was telling me about all the places she was visiting and the great food and wine she was consuming...all the while I was getting super jealous.  It's been a few years since I've been to visit my family in France and I really do miss it sometimes.  So that got me thinking, "what is it that I miss?"  Believe me, it wasn't always like this.

It wasn't until my early adult years that I began to embrace my French roots. Up until that point, it was more of a pain in the neck than anything else. I was constantly being asked (especially when I was child) "How do you say this?",  "Say that in French", "Say something in French"....(this particular request usually resulted in a dirty insult, en française, bien sur)

Now that I'm older and wiser, I've grown rather fond of the fact that I not only am I fluent in both languages but I also have dual-citizenship (though I think that's probably supposed to be hush-hush) which enables me to vote in BOTH countries. Not to mention, I always have a place to stay while visiting abroad. It's funny, I'm Southern all the way around, y'all! From south Louisiana to the South of France, my people clearly flocked to hotter climates.

Like they say, there's a certain "je ne sais quoi" (I don't know what) about the French. Here are my top favorite things about being French! Allons!


Obviously...PARIS, but not just for the Eiffel Tower. 

I love the history, architecture and romance

outdoor cafes

old cobblestone streets of Montmartre
(Mr and I actually took a pic in this exact spot!)

Bateaux Mouches!
Hands down, the best way to see every sight Paris has to offer
day and night cruises down the Seine River

Art: Van Gogh.

Vincent, when he still had both ears

cafe terrace at night

Food: Crepes au Nutella

'nuff said.

The beautiful, Madame Coco Chanel

...and her fabulous fragrances

Merci, Coco!

La Provence

reppin' for Bouches-du-Rhone

Fields of lavender and sunflowers...seen while driving the interstate
True Story.

traditional Provencal tapestry

la mer Mediterranee

{Calanques de Cassis}

{Nice, France}

and last but certainly not least, ma mere

circa 1986

rehearsal dinner: 2011

les Femmes de ma famille: maman, mami et tati