Patio Transformation.... Part I

Since we moved into our house (circa March 2010) we've been toying around with different ideas for the parking lot we have out back. Yes, I said parking lot.

Apparently, at one point during the life of our little house, it was a law office? Or perhaps a daycare...? I don't know, but there was some sort of business there, which is why we have a parking lot in our back yard.

Mr. V!ck and I are quite the out-doorsy couple, so it was/is very important to us to have a nice outdoor space to relax and entertain in.  

The first step in the transformation process was to define the space by staining a section of the concrete. We purchased Smith's Color Floor stain ( from Coles Florist).

The color we chose was "fawn" from Smith's Old World series. It gives a translucent layer of color over the concrete, creating the acid effect of traditional concrete staining.

The application process is fairly simple. Depending on how much concrete you want to show through, simply adjust the color by adding water and apply using a garden sprayer.

*NOTE: before staring, be sure to prep the area (sweep and pressure wash to get a clean surface)*

{ Mr. V!ck hard at work applying the stain :)   }

Multiple coats of stain can be applied to darken the color. Once you're satisfied with the color, a sealant needs to be applied over the stain to protect from the elements and add a bit of shine.

 Our next step in transforming this space will be to add some custom built seating and a canopy, which we plan to tackle this weekend... Right now all we have is a 7-foot swing (a wedding gift from the boss-man) and some rattan chairs (Ikea).

Another item we plan to add to our space is a custom built cooler, (built by my daddy) made from the remains of an old bench.

The structures, rattan furniture, cooler and custom seating will be stained in a dark cherry color. Up next, custom built seating.....

Stayed tuned for more :)

xo, Mrs. V!ck

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  1. I love the stained concrete!! And it definitely breaks up the "patio" area from the drive.