Mrs. V!ck, that's me. The new me, actually....since April 9, 2011 {heart}

It takes a little 'getting used to' when your name changes. But I like it. I'm proud of my new name. And of my hubby. He's such a great catch. I'm a lucky girl.

I met this boy in high school {circa 98-99??} Then again in college {2003} And the story begins there...

It was a chili January night in 2003. I was {forced into} going to this country-western bar for a mutual friend's birthday. What the was coin night. I was on a budget.

I was seated at the bar when this handsome boy {from what I could see with my 1 good eye} approaches me. He slides a quarter across the bar and asks to buy me a drink..haha! I don't really remember exactly how it happened. I do remember him asking me to dinner, me accepting {food? hell yeah!} and exchanging phone numbers.

At some point throughout our conversation, I must have told him where I worked because, lo and behold, who should come strolling through the door the following week. It was that boy!!!!

But, being the calm and collected gal I am, I simply dove behind the beer cooler {I worked in a daiquiri shop at the time} and hid until I had a firm grasp on my composure. It took a little while. I let him get through half a beer before I stepped out... all cool-like "hey! {OMG-OMG-OMG} what's up? {I CAN FEEL MY UPPER LIP SWEATING!}

Anywho, the story continues with a first date...then a second...and a third. We had lunch daily at the SLU union. He shared his passion for {god-awful} metal music with me. Eek! And {I suppose} I shared a little of my passions with him. Boy was I crazy about this kid!... He liked me too <3

Eventually, we decided to play 'house' because the commute from his place to mine was too much, and we couldn't stand being that far apart.
So.... after much stress over tellingmyparentsIwanttolivewithmyboyfriend..... we moved in together.

Our little house in Hammond was part of a duplex that was sinking into the ground. Bad. Our bathroom was on a 10 degree slope {may not seem like much to you, but try sitting on that toilet...}, there was a hump in the kitchen floor, an army of squirrels living in the attic, we only had a twin bed to sleep on, and we were literally 15 yards from a train track.

Those were the days. Small crappy place and yet so happy together.

I remember him breaking in {before it was his place of residence, too} to put flowers on my coffee table. And I still have the cordless drill he got me for Valentine's day. What a romantic guy. <3  <3

Eventually, we migrated to Baton Rouge, then out to Denver, and back. And here we are, almost 9 years later, finally hitched, with a nice home, living and loving.

That's our story people. It's one of my favs.