Lions, Tigers and Bears....oh, Where?

Have any of you been to the Audubon Zoo lately? It's been since, like, 3rd grade for me. I have the vague memory of a loooong bumpy bus ride from AP to NOLA, complete chaos with my classmates, eating lunch on the branch of a big oak tree with my besties and a loooong bumpy bus ride back. Oh, and some stinky animals somewhere in between. That was circa early 90's.

This passed weekend, Mr. V!ck and I decided it would be a good time to revisit this nostalgic place. So off we go, bebe in tote. Daddy carried Ko in the harness so he could see all the animals (joke, I know) while mommy tried her hardest not to run over small children with the stroller. 

We saw flamingos and rhinos and giraffes and anteaters and leopards and an orangutan reading a magazine. For real. And parrots and gorillas and elephants and wild dogs and gazelles. But mommy, for some reason, only thought to bring out the camera when we were in the Louisiana Swamp I haven't seen a million damn snakes and alligators in my life. Stupid. And that's really all I got photos of. Stupid.

So here's goes:





and coons.


By the way, we must have skipped an entire part of the park because it wasn't until we were on our way home that we realized we didn't see the first lion, tiger or bear. Oh, my!

mama V!ck

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