November 14, 2012

My little man is FOUR MONTHS OLD!
Wow! Can you believe it?!? It's amazing to see the day by day changes in him.

He is more vocal... 

He has become even more smiley...

and giggly.

I think he is learning that his arms are an extension of himself. 
My little Guido loves to have his fists in the air ;)

And he is learning to stand (with help of course). 
He loves to stand up and wobble. That's his thing. 

I laugh at how his body sways and heads wobbles when he's "standing". It's like he's had one too many. Hahah! Sitting up, on the other hand, seems to be more of a challenge. He'll get it though. I'm not worried. I just hope he can sit up on his own by thanksgiving (ooh, that's right around the corner) or early December so we can take cute holiday pics ;)

But, Koen's most recent trick kinda grosses mommy out a little.... drooling

This often presents itself in the form of bubbles; something he seems to be doing ALOT, especially in the evenings. Yuck!

Pair that with all the 'chewing' he's been doing on his hand and it kinda makes me wonder if he's starting to teethe.

Could it be? Or is it too soon?
That could explain the fussiness, right??

Anywho, happy 4 months Koen!
We love you!

Mama V!ck


Mama, Mia!

So I haven't posted since a certain someone turned 3 he's almost 4 months!! Ahh!... But we'll get to that another time.

Lately, I've noticed how people are posting on FB what they are 'thankful for'.  As we all know, November means Thanksgiving, so that got me thinking...

I make an honest effort to give thanks for everything my life has been blessed with. Every.Day. And there's one thing in particular that I have to say I am so thankful for: my mom.

My mom is the most incredible woman I know, and I don't tell her enough. She does so much for me and my little family, it would be impossible to repay her in this lifetime.

Since day one of Koen's birth, she has been there- to help with nursing, to cook dinner, to do laundry, to just be there when I need time to myself, to shower, to nap, to pee.  I could never have imagined how difficult it would be to get 5 minutes to myself to pee! She's been my 'go-to' in the midst of a mommy crisis. And for that, I say THANK YOU, MAMA!!

{Ko's first photo with mami}

{finally home}

It's hard to imagine how I would have been able to make it these last few months without her. Don't get me wrong, daddy is a big help but he's usually at work during the day. And sometimes, he needs her help too.  I mean, my lack of blog posts should tell you- there's not enough time in a day....

But she's stepped in when I needed her to lend a helping hand. I don't know many other new mommies who have been that lucky. Not even her.

{she loves her grandbaby so much}

{ice cream}

They say there's no greater love than a mother and her child, and I can certainly attest to that. But there's definitely something to be said about grandmothers and grandchildren.

{bottle time}

{look how little!}

{nap time with mami}

She truly is the best. Not only because of all she's done for Koen, but for all she's done for me, all that she has taught me, and all she does for others. My mom has been my role model and has shown me how to be a strong independent woman and mother. She has been my guidance, my reassurance, my support and my friend. I can only hope that I am half as good to my little Koen as she has been to me.

I am soooooooo thankful for you! Merci maman.

momma V!ck