November 14, 2012

My little man is FOUR MONTHS OLD!
Wow! Can you believe it?!? It's amazing to see the day by day changes in him.

He is more vocal... 

He has become even more smiley...

and giggly.

I think he is learning that his arms are an extension of himself. 
My little Guido loves to have his fists in the air ;)

And he is learning to stand (with help of course). 
He loves to stand up and wobble. That's his thing. 

I laugh at how his body sways and heads wobbles when he's "standing". It's like he's had one too many. Hahah! Sitting up, on the other hand, seems to be more of a challenge. He'll get it though. I'm not worried. I just hope he can sit up on his own by thanksgiving (ooh, that's right around the corner) or early December so we can take cute holiday pics ;)

But, Koen's most recent trick kinda grosses mommy out a little.... drooling

This often presents itself in the form of bubbles; something he seems to be doing ALOT, especially in the evenings. Yuck!

Pair that with all the 'chewing' he's been doing on his hand and it kinda makes me wonder if he's starting to teethe.

Could it be? Or is it too soon?
That could explain the fussiness, right??

Anywho, happy 4 months Koen!
We love you!

Mama V!ck

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