So here they are.... FINALLY!

Too bad we couldn't get something more modern:

Why not put it outside, so I can enjoy nature?

Maybe something with a Chandelier? 

Or even something larger than a 5x5 square would be nice....too bad I'm not a manager :(

Alas, here's what I'm working with...

This tiny cube is enclosed by hideous hunter green carpet walls and accented with stomach lining colored cabinetry and work surface. Gag!

It was all I could do to (try to) make my decor match. All in all, I'm fairly satisfied with my cube-y.... considering what I'm working with.

{I knock my photos off the wall each time I turn my chair}

There are some other {bigger}cutesy cubeys in the office:

{she could probably fit a comfy chair and mini fridge in here...just a thought ;)...}

Have a fantastic weekend peeps. 



My back, neck, shoulders and arms HURT! But it was well worth it :) We had a great time kayaking this weekend. Regardless of a few mishaps along the way, I think Mr.V!ck really enjoyed his bday weekend at the Coosa.

I'm proud to say I only swam, like, once. That's pretty good for little to no whitewater experience...but let's be real, I was floating on noah's arc--which is kinda hard to flip.

We started off Friday night with a hibachi dinner for the birthday boy...

{Happy Birthday drum song for Mr. V!ck...haha!}

We were up and at 'em, bright and early Saturday morning, to catch the first shuttle to the river. The water felt great and the weather was perfect!

 {TC and Mr. V!ck}

 {they see me floatin', they hatin'...}

 {Mr. V!ck in action}

 {Brother V!ck floating}

 {the brothers}

{all 3 boys}

{TC, not bad for a beginner!}

Next time, maybe someone else will play videographer and get some footage of me!

Mrs. V!ck!!


Old plus one...

On this day, 31 years ago, my MIL gave birth to the most amazing man I know. Lucky me, I got to marry him!

In celebration of this joyous day, we have an adventurous weekend planned. Mr. V!ck and I are taking a (long awaited) trip to the Coosa River in Wetumpka, Alabama, to do some kayaking. 

Okay okay, it's not the Nantahala or the Colorado, but for the southern states, it's the best thing we got as far as whitewater is concerned { and it's about all I can handle ;)   }. 

Happy 31st Birthday Mr. V!ck <3


T is for...Thursday!

T is for...TRUTH

that's right girls-remember it!

 T is for...TAKE ME HOME!

adopt a doggie. don't buy farm grown.

 T is for...TEACUPS

drink up.

 T is for...THIRSTY

such a beautiful photo


only the best ish ever!

 T is for...TOTAL BADASS!

speaks for himself

 T is for...TRICYCLE

bringin' retro back...

 T is for...TRUE LOVE

and they lived happily ever after...

have a fantastic friday, friends. MUAH!

mrs. v!ck


Patio Transformation......Part II (and a half)

And the process continues...

We continued working on the patio bench this weekend. Despite rain, we did get something accomplished!

There's still a little way to go. We need to complete closing in the entire bench (as we did here) before we stain the wood to match the swing. I had hoped to have the bench completed this weekend.  Unfortunately, the weather put a hold on our progress.

For the next few weekends we will be busy with other things and will have to put our patio project on hold :(
But by mid-August, we should be able to enjoy our backyard space... 

xo, Mrs. V!ck


this is why I heart etsy!

 I could spend hours shopping for the most original and awesome stuff ever on etsy.  

Here are a few  awesome items I've purchased:

Fun Gifts

{custom girl's tutu for $40 from RufflesandStitches}

{custom baby gift for a friend of mine from SimplyCrochet}

My Bridal accessories...

 {feather hair clips for my maids}

 {feather flower hairpiece for the flowergirl}

 {funky feather clip for my shoes}

 {feather fascinator for my gown}

{and my birdcage veil hat}

{All of these wonderful items were purchased from SweetGrassMill}

My most recent purchase...these lovely feather earrings for $26.00 and it beats having them permanently stuck in your hair.

 {for more pretty feather jewelry, see KozCreations on etsy}

Mrs. V!ck



Finally, the request for office kennels cubicles was approved. I can't say I was excited about it, initially. But then the thought entered my mind about how exciting it was going to be to decorate this little 'cube' to suit my style. After all, I would be spending 8 hours in it every day. 

Excitement and anxiousness began to fill my dreams. My head was spinning with ideas of wall art and furniture pieces. This was (and is) the most exciting thing to happen at my office since colored ink! Oh wait, we still never got colored ink...

Anyway, I have been anticipating this day since the Boss man said YES to the cubies. 

CURRENTLY -- yes, it looks like a sweat shop
{you can view a better image of the office on Lola Inspired}

{this what I'll be working with...ishhh}

Now, when it comes to decor style, well, it's a workspace. It will have to have all the necessary tools for day to day work:
a desk, obviously
a chair...perhaps with lumbar support
a trashcan
a recycle bin, because I'm considered the office 'tree-hugger'
a stapler
oh, um, a computer....

blah blah blah...

But what kind of fun stuff can I add to this space?





What color scheme should I choose? I mean, there are so many options out there that go well with 'cubicle tan' ;-p



{haha. yeah right.}

Turquoise, perhaps?

hmmm...I'll have to try out a few schemes before I can decide ;)  And I'll be sure to post about it when I do!

....stay tuned

{Need ideas for you own office cubicle? Then check out LolaInspired!!}

Mrs. V!ck