My back, neck, shoulders and arms HURT! But it was well worth it :) We had a great time kayaking this weekend. Regardless of a few mishaps along the way, I think Mr.V!ck really enjoyed his bday weekend at the Coosa.

I'm proud to say I only swam, like, once. That's pretty good for little to no whitewater experience...but let's be real, I was floating on noah's arc--which is kinda hard to flip.

We started off Friday night with a hibachi dinner for the birthday boy...

{Happy Birthday drum song for Mr. V!ck...haha!}

We were up and at 'em, bright and early Saturday morning, to catch the first shuttle to the river. The water felt great and the weather was perfect!

 {TC and Mr. V!ck}

 {they see me floatin', they hatin'...}

 {Mr. V!ck in action}

 {Brother V!ck floating}

 {the brothers}

{all 3 boys}

{TC, not bad for a beginner!}

Next time, maybe someone else will play videographer and get some footage of me!

Mrs. V!ck!!

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