So here they are.... FINALLY!

Too bad we couldn't get something more modern:

Why not put it outside, so I can enjoy nature?

Maybe something with a Chandelier? 

Or even something larger than a 5x5 square would be nice....too bad I'm not a manager :(

Alas, here's what I'm working with...

This tiny cube is enclosed by hideous hunter green carpet walls and accented with stomach lining colored cabinetry and work surface. Gag!

It was all I could do to (try to) make my decor match. All in all, I'm fairly satisfied with my cube-y.... considering what I'm working with.

{I knock my photos off the wall each time I turn my chair}

There are some other {bigger}cutesy cubeys in the office:

{she could probably fit a comfy chair and mini fridge in here...just a thought ;)...}

Have a fantastic weekend peeps. 

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