In the summertime, when the weather is hott...

...there are certain summer essentials needed to survive. Let's face it, we don't all live by the beach or in a dry, humidity-free climate.

For us southern gals, it takes a little more effort to keep it looking fresh during the sweltering spring/summer/fall months. {Yes people, it only gets cold here in January ;) }

So, in keeping with summer spirit, I've compiled a list of must-have essentials and a little tune to getcha going....enjoy.

#1: Mosquito Repellent- because there is no freaking possible way to survive Louisiana summer without it!

 {OFF! Products are  now available odor-free and contain some moisturizers}

{ThermaCell....ohemgeee, this is the BEST product on the market for mosquitos. Simply turn it on, set it down and BOOM- no more bugs, no odor, no toxic fumes, no greasy mess on your skin!}

#2:  BRONZER-- Hollaaaa!  Many, like Snooky and myself, prefer to go the fake bake route and get our tan from a can. Here are some great products I found at Sephora to help you get that natural summer glow minus those bad rays, premature wrinkles and oompa-loopa orange.

{Tinted Self-Tanning Body Mist, $14}

{When you're on the go, try Somerville360°™ Tanning Towelettes, $10}

 {This fabulous little product, by Tarina Tarantino, is exactly what you need to add dazzling shimmer to bare shoulders, legs, hair, and the décolleté.  Sparklicity Bronze Shimmer Dust}

{Sunscreen, for those of you who choose to ignore the warnings about skin cancer. I understand you want to get a natural tan, so try something with an SPF of 30... you'll get a glow without too much burn.}

*disclaimer: I'm no Dermatologist, so please don't sue my ass after using this stuff and getting burned*

#3: LIQUIDS!! Keep it flowin, y'all. There's nothing like a yummy cocktail by the pool or an ice cold brew with your crawfish. But let's not forget to hydrate with a widdle wattah. {man, I don't know but I'm feelin' extra coonass in my post today ;)  }

 {Lemon Verben Fav! And add some St. Germaine for an  extra refreshing kick!}

 {Louisiana's own Abita Beer! }

{Another  Local favorite, Kentwood water, straight our of Brittney's hometown}

#4: SHADES because you can't run from the sun 'round here, baby!

{Both of these lovely pairs of shades can be found at Charlotte Russe for only $5.50!! Wha what!!}

#5: Lastly, we need to remember to SUIT UP

Have a wonderful summer, lovelies!

Mrs. V!ck

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