Happy Day!!

October 14, 2012 marked 3 months for our little angel! Day by day, we see him grow, both physically and mentally. We celebrated by going to Sunday in the Park for some live music.

He is finally beginning to fit in clothes that are 0-3 months! Bye bye {tear} newborn clothes. I did a size comparison of the onesies he wore when he came home to now.

Wow! It's like comparing pistachios to walnuts. I'm so happy that my baby is growing big and healthy, but remembering how small he was brings a tear to my eye.  It's bittersweet.

But if a size comparison doesn't paint a clear picture, how's this:
When we brought Koen home, we were STRUGGLING to get him to drink 40ml (1oz) of milk per feeding (every 3 hours). Now, we feed him about 4x that amount (about 130 ml / 4 oz)!!

He has begun to coo and "talk"... when he's in the mood. Mostly he just likes to watch those around him (mommy, daddy, mami...) act completely ridiculous, simply for his entertainment. This makes him laugh. Especially words that begin with L or make the L sound. He likes to see us stick our tongues out, which he often mimics.

Another activity of interest for our little man is flailing his arms. They're out of control actually. Thank goodness for swaddlepods!

He is also learning the basics of supply and demand. He demands food, diaper changes, a trip outside, you name it... And we are happy to supply ;)

Besides all the interaction he has with mommy, daddy and mami, Koen has begun to develop a bit of a social life! He has been to at least 2 parties now, met new people, including 2 other babies close in age. He goes on outings to the park and shopping. This kid is quite the social butterfly!

His weight is a little over 11 pounds! As for his length, well, it's almost impossible to keep those legs still and straight long enough to get a measurement. Let's just say, he is probably going to take after daddy in the height department.

Halloween is just around the corner and is one of mommy's favorite holidays, if you want to call it that. Is Halloween even a holiday? IDK. Nevertheless, we are trying to narrow down costume ideas and places to go. Any suggestions?

{his first pumpkin. Look how he loves it!}

I can't say it enough, GOD I LOVE THIS LITTLE BOY!

mama V!ck


K's nursery: continued

You all know how bad I am about following up on DIY or renovations posts. I never even posted about our finished master bath. Yes, it's finished. No, I didn't blog about it.

But, I'm so proud of what I've done in K's nursery that I am making a point to share it with you. So far you've seen the furniture {here} Well, my design endeavors continue. I've been working on a frame collage since, oh I don't know, June? Don't judge! I was interrupted mid-july with the birth of my son, and I just haven't gotten back on track yet.

A frame collage isn't as easy as it seems on Pinterest, thankyouverymuch! There's probably a certain order in which to do this project, which I didn't do. Logically, the art or photos should be collected first, then the frames to fit. Not vice-versa like I did, because then you're stuck with frames and art that don't fit. Duh, stupid.

Nevertheless, I got my artwork and photos framed (though I'm still collecting a few) so the next step was to choose the right color for the frames. I wanted to add a pop to K's room but had the hardest time deciding which shade of orange or aqua to use. In the end I stuck with the navy and lime color that was already a running theme in his room.

Now for the hardest part...strategically placing the frames on the wall to look like a clustered collection of art, not a hot mess of craft painted frames.

What I did was lay the frames out on the floor and move them around, here and there, until I had them in precisely the right spot. I did this Over and Over and Over and Over. They're STILL not how I'd like them to look, thus the project continues.

But here's a look at what I've got going on, so far...

Here I laid out all the frames in a row, one above the other.

Here, I had already painted some of the frames, and tried a more clustered lay out. Also pictured is the kickass pouf and chevron rug I scored for $80 each. Hollaaaa!

Which layout do you think looks best? Horizontal {ph.1} or clustered {ph.2}... Honest opinions welcomed.

mama V!ck

my latest obsession

How many of you obsessively shop online? Guilty. I mean, it can't get any easier than Click. Pay. Delivery.

And, yes, it does get one in trouble from time to time...especially those sites that have killer deals on designer goods. You know the ones, Rue La La, Ideeli, Joss and Main, Gilt and LuxeYard.  These sites offer discounts, sometimes up to 70% off designer clothing, shoes, furniture, decor- you name it!

Well it just so happens that there is a similar site to these, geared toward mamas and babies! May I introduce my newest online shopping obsession:  Zulily. It's awesome! And super easy to use. All you have to do it create an account, and an email will be sent to you with daily deals. Boom! Let the shopping madness begin...

So far, I've purchased waaay tooo many cloth diapers, a cute fire fighter outfit for Koen, more cloth diapers,  maternity bras, etc. And that's just me. Grandma, a.k.a. "mami" is also addicted to Zulily.

Here are some deals I found just this morning!

As you already know that I have waaay tooo many cloth diapers, but I had to share with you these cuties. Snaps and velcro make fastening these babies a breeze. And if you're not really into cloth diapers but want cute bottoms, check out the diaper covers. Imagine how cute your bebe's bum would look crawling around in a pair of these!
{cloth diapers by Growing Up Green; diaper covers by Zebi}

I also couldn't help drooling over these bibs and birth cloths, pun INTENDED, that come in separates or matching sets.

{all four items by Zebi}

And of course I came across a deal for the most adorable baby shoes. No, my shoe fetish is not reserved only to shoes my size, but for little footsies as well. Especially for that price. Just look!
 {little boy footwear by Baby Deer}

{little girl footwear, also by Baby Deer....for my future daughter}

Who says your little prince can't be stylish in a pair of leather loafers or froggy rain boots?  Or your little princess in super comfy faux leopard slippers or ballerina flats?...

There is one {minor} downfall to these super sale sites. Almost all items are NON-RETURNABLE. So if there's something you don't like, you're pretty much stuck with it. Oh, and sales usually only last about 48 hours, so please shop wisely. 

And, by all means, don't impulse buy! Or you'll end up with waaay tooo many cloth diapers.

Have fun shopping. The holidays are closer than you know. P.S. I wear a size 8 shoe...

mama V!ck