K's nursery: continued

You all know how bad I am about following up on DIY or renovations posts. I never even posted about our finished master bath. Yes, it's finished. No, I didn't blog about it.

But, I'm so proud of what I've done in K's nursery that I am making a point to share it with you. So far you've seen the furniture {here} Well, my design endeavors continue. I've been working on a frame collage since, oh I don't know, June? Don't judge! I was interrupted mid-july with the birth of my son, and I just haven't gotten back on track yet.

A frame collage isn't as easy as it seems on Pinterest, thankyouverymuch! There's probably a certain order in which to do this project, which I didn't do. Logically, the art or photos should be collected first, then the frames to fit. Not vice-versa like I did, because then you're stuck with frames and art that don't fit. Duh, stupid.

Nevertheless, I got my artwork and photos framed (though I'm still collecting a few) so the next step was to choose the right color for the frames. I wanted to add a pop to K's room but had the hardest time deciding which shade of orange or aqua to use. In the end I stuck with the navy and lime color that was already a running theme in his room.

Now for the hardest part...strategically placing the frames on the wall to look like a clustered collection of art, not a hot mess of craft painted frames.

What I did was lay the frames out on the floor and move them around, here and there, until I had them in precisely the right spot. I did this Over and Over and Over and Over. They're STILL not how I'd like them to look, thus the project continues.

But here's a look at what I've got going on, so far...

Here I laid out all the frames in a row, one above the other.

Here, I had already painted some of the frames, and tried a more clustered lay out. Also pictured is the kickass pouf and chevron rug I scored for $80 each. Hollaaaa!

Which layout do you think looks best? Horizontal {ph.1} or clustered {ph.2}... Honest opinions welcomed.

mama V!ck

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