Happy Day!!

October 14, 2012 marked 3 months for our little angel! Day by day, we see him grow, both physically and mentally. We celebrated by going to Sunday in the Park for some live music.

He is finally beginning to fit in clothes that are 0-3 months! Bye bye {tear} newborn clothes. I did a size comparison of the onesies he wore when he came home to now.

Wow! It's like comparing pistachios to walnuts. I'm so happy that my baby is growing big and healthy, but remembering how small he was brings a tear to my eye.  It's bittersweet.

But if a size comparison doesn't paint a clear picture, how's this:
When we brought Koen home, we were STRUGGLING to get him to drink 40ml (1oz) of milk per feeding (every 3 hours). Now, we feed him about 4x that amount (about 130 ml / 4 oz)!!

He has begun to coo and "talk"... when he's in the mood. Mostly he just likes to watch those around him (mommy, daddy, mami...) act completely ridiculous, simply for his entertainment. This makes him laugh. Especially words that begin with L or make the L sound. He likes to see us stick our tongues out, which he often mimics.

Another activity of interest for our little man is flailing his arms. They're out of control actually. Thank goodness for swaddlepods!

He is also learning the basics of supply and demand. He demands food, diaper changes, a trip outside, you name it... And we are happy to supply ;)

Besides all the interaction he has with mommy, daddy and mami, Koen has begun to develop a bit of a social life! He has been to at least 2 parties now, met new people, including 2 other babies close in age. He goes on outings to the park and shopping. This kid is quite the social butterfly!

His weight is a little over 11 pounds! As for his length, well, it's almost impossible to keep those legs still and straight long enough to get a measurement. Let's just say, he is probably going to take after daddy in the height department.

Halloween is just around the corner and is one of mommy's favorite holidays, if you want to call it that. Is Halloween even a holiday? IDK. Nevertheless, we are trying to narrow down costume ideas and places to go. Any suggestions?

{his first pumpkin. Look how he loves it!}

I can't say it enough, GOD I LOVE THIS LITTLE BOY!

mama V!ck

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