oh bebe!!

Well things have been cra-cra lately!  So many changes and wonderful things to look forward to. I have lots to share right now but, unfortunately, I've been too busy to blog.

Forgive me.

Here's a little something to get you through until my next post...

{25 Weeks}

Have a great week!

Mama V!ck


We Celebrated...

...our FIRST wedding anniversary this past Monday! Nothing big, just quiet time a la casa con mi amor.

So many times [when we've gone out to dinner] we've made the comment
"we should order dessert first!" because we are always too stuffed to get a yummy treat after, so for our anniversary we did just that.

I ordered yummy take-out from Monjuni's [hollllla!] but we enjoyed a sweet treat before hand.

Yep. Our wedding cakes!!

 [the top of Mr. V!ck's groom cake]

[the top of our strawberry wedding cake....or what's left of it]

Yes, it does still taste good, even after a year. The key is to wrap it tight and put it in the freezer.

 [our romantic dinner table set up]

[um, yeah....he got me! I'm so gullible!]

And for those of you who don't know, a first wedding anniversary is customarily celebrated with a gift of paper..??  Yes, and my wonderful husband found me the perfect [paper] gift:

[It's a necklace made of wrapped paperclips!]

Tell how you celebrated your first wedding anniversary!

xoxo, Mrs. V!ck


1 Year Already...

And I couldn't be happier! This last year has been marital bliss! LOL! No, really. I've had so many people tell that "everything changes after marriage." Well it does!

As cheesy as it is, I feel like Mr V!ck and are are closer and more in love than ever. I really did luck out with this guy, and I'm so happy he's ALL.MINE.!

 {our special day: April 9, 2011}

Here's an abbreviated re-cap on the last 12 months:

First, there was the honeymoon to California. We visited San Fransisco, Yosemite, Sonoma wine country, and a few lazy beach towns in between. It was the perfect trip!
 {breakfast with my new husband, looking out at the bay across from San Fran}

 {Yosemite National Park}

 {Keeping it classy: using a snow-filled trashcan as a wine chiller...}

 {Muir Woods: what an amazing place!}

 {a brief stop along the Pacific Coast Highway}

 {we attempted to put our feet in, but brrr...Pacific waters are not like the Gulf!}

As months flew by, Katie and Brandon were married. Little 'Boss' came into our lives on Mothers' Day. Then Bob moved to Denver.

Summer time came and went...We cancelled our Labor Day beach trip due to Tropical Storm Lee. In mid-August, Mr and Mrs Bass were married!

The Halphens celebrated their 1 year in October and we made a trip to Denver for Thanksgiving

As the year ended, we broke the news to our families on my 29th birthday that we were expecting. And it's pretty much been one home project after another since then...trying to get our casa ready for our little baby boy.

Yes, I said BOY! We found out last week.  And here's our little handsome guy:

So that pretty much brings us up to date on the past year. It's been great and I hope to spend many many more years with my new little family.


Mrs. V!ck


Boy? or Girl?

So we were scheduled to have a sonogram/ultrasound [still don't know what the hell the difference is...nor do I care. It's a live image of my bebe!!] this Wednesday.  Unfortunately, I got a call last week from the doc, needing to reschedule. Blaaah!! Mr. V!ck and I were really looking forward to this. Especially to see bebe's movement... from the inside!

Now we have to wait a WHOLE. NUTHA. WEEK. Everyone has their opinions about what I'm having.

What do you think?

[St. Patty's Day- 17 weeks]

This pic was taken 3 weeks ago. I've gotten even bigger since! My belleh is growing sooo fast!

I have also gotten a few cutsie baby gifts already:

Maw Maw Pat got us an adorable baby book that I can't wait to fill out! 

Daddy got us a onsie from the Kentucky Derby! 

And from "Aunt Kiki" and "Aunt Mimi"...

Apparently, they're sure I'm having a girl...
[So much pink I could gag. They know better!]

But in all seriousness, I can't even begin to express how super excited I get when I see all these cute little things. And I can't wait to meet our baby no matter what it is!

Mama V!ck