I [heart] Etsy

You all may remember the awesome camera that hubbs got me for Christmas, right? If not, here is it.

Well, being that it's a pricey piece of machinery, not to mention BIG, I needed to get myself a legit camera bag for its safe keeping. For months I sifted through numerous sites in search of the perfect bag. I had specifics for this camera bag:

1. It couldn't look like a camera bag
2. It should not cost more than $100
3. It had to double as a purse

Alas, I could not find anything that fit all 3 criteria. But what I did find was even better... While losing myself on [once again] I came across these custom made bag inserts. Awesome! Once I had found the perfect handbag [purchased from a local boutique],  all I had to do was convo the Etsy seller with my desired dimensions and color of choice and BAM!

13" x 7" x 6"


with 6 pockets and a large center compartment

keeps all my lenses safe ;)

[$40 on]

cutsie blue hang bag [$29.99]

also comes with long strap to wear across the body [optional]

[Charming Charlie's]

Put the insert into the bag [duh] and voila!
$70 total for a customized camera bag...

p.s. these inserts are perfect for fashioning a diaper bag too! 

mama V!ck


Wall Art.

I've been pouring over various media types of art for the nursery. A friend actually offered to paint something for me but I just can't decide what I want to hang on baby Vick's walls.

I've ruled out cartoon-y images and those damn keep calm posters. Here are just a few pieces that have caught my eye...all of which you can find on my etsy favorites {here} 

Can you see a pattern developing?...

So, obviously I'm drawn to subdued aquas and peach/coral. What are your thoughts?

xoxo, Mama V!ck


my weekend....

It's Sunday night, and I'm exhausted. I've done nothing but go go go this weekend.

Friday night I had the pleasure of visiting, for the first time, the bustling metropolis known as Lafitte, Louisiana...{yeah, it's named after the pirate} to help my friend {Katie} with another friend's bridal shower.  She needed a decorating assistant, of sorts, and a...photographer??

Whew! Can I tell ya, it was a lot of work----------

The decor concept was PINK and SPARKLES! ...
Now, if you know me at all, you know pink is a color I despise, right? But, sparkles and glitter?!?! OUI, MERCI!!

Not surprisingly, everything turned out stunningly! Katie definitely has some creative talent up that sequined sleeve of hers.


Everything was lovely! And I think the bride was very pleased with it all! My best wishes go out to Corey and Sloane- may they live happily ever after. And cheers to Katie for doing such an awesome job on the shower. I'm so happy I was able to help.

Now, go to sleep, my awaits us in the morning. Sweet dreams.

Momma V!ck