Boy? or Girl?

So we were scheduled to have a sonogram/ultrasound [still don't know what the hell the difference is...nor do I care. It's a live image of my bebe!!] this Wednesday.  Unfortunately, I got a call last week from the doc, needing to reschedule. Blaaah!! Mr. V!ck and I were really looking forward to this. Especially to see bebe's movement... from the inside!

Now we have to wait a WHOLE. NUTHA. WEEK. Everyone has their opinions about what I'm having.

What do you think?

[St. Patty's Day- 17 weeks]

This pic was taken 3 weeks ago. I've gotten even bigger since! My belleh is growing sooo fast!

I have also gotten a few cutsie baby gifts already:

Maw Maw Pat got us an adorable baby book that I can't wait to fill out! 

Daddy got us a onsie from the Kentucky Derby! 

And from "Aunt Kiki" and "Aunt Mimi"...

Apparently, they're sure I'm having a girl...
[So much pink I could gag. They know better!]

But in all seriousness, I can't even begin to express how super excited I get when I see all these cute little things. And I can't wait to meet our baby no matter what it is!

Mama V!ck


  1. OMG I would DIE if my doctor did that to me! How agonizing! The ultrasound where we found out the sex was so much fun. He was so much bigger than the first time we'd seen him and was moving around and showing so much personality. I think it helped that I indulged in a coke on the way there. Little guy was all hyped up on sugar and caffeine!

  2. So happy for you! Me and Nicole miss you! :-)