this is why I heart etsy!

 I could spend hours shopping for the most original and awesome stuff ever on etsy.  

Here are a few  awesome items I've purchased:

Fun Gifts

{custom girl's tutu for $40 from RufflesandStitches}

{custom baby gift for a friend of mine from SimplyCrochet}

My Bridal accessories...

 {feather hair clips for my maids}

 {feather flower hairpiece for the flowergirl}

 {funky feather clip for my shoes}

 {feather fascinator for my gown}

{and my birdcage veil hat}

{All of these wonderful items were purchased from SweetGrassMill}

My most recent purchase...these lovely feather earrings for $26.00 and it beats having them permanently stuck in your hair.

 {for more pretty feather jewelry, see KozCreations on etsy}

Mrs. V!ck


  1. Feather Earrings are FAB! But I have to disagree with the hair feathers being bad. I LOVE them!!!

  2. I didn't say hair feathers were bad. Obviously, because EVERYBODY has them. I just {personally} wouldn't want them in my hair all the time, ya know?