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As I sit a pour over Pinterest on the daily, I've noticed a trend in some of the items I pin... Clearly I'm drawn to certain things, for whatever reason. maybe because they're pretty, or sparkly, or organic and natural.  So I just want to share with you some of my favorite finds on my Pinterest.

Gray: {not a color but a value of luminous intensity (amount of light emitted by a light source) that the perception by the human eye is between the white & black.}

Gray is such a great foundation color, and will compliment any accent. My accent color of choice avec gris is turquoise,yellow & navy...

Something else I truly love... les fleurs.  Rarely will you enter my household and not find fresh cut blooms. Flower arrangements and plants are an easy {and relatively inexpensive} way to add interest or spark to a drab room.  And for parties, they are the finishing touch to a perfect table scape...

Another love: All things Ornate:
This, I suppose, it about as girlie as I get...all in the form of ornate carving and architecture

Finally, my last {current} love, thank to Pinterest... Wood: Whether it's carved, painted, treated, raw, old,'s always so beautiful. And organic. And natural....hmmmm

mrs. V!ck

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  1. I LOVE ALL OF THOSE TOO! Well... maybe not the wood so much... I'm more of an acrylic kind of girl but the pictures are pretty fab nonetheless!