Patio Transformation......Part II

Construction has begun!!  Part I of our patio transformation was fairly simple... Now,  Part II-- constructing the bench seating for our patio--is underway! 

Mr. V!ck has been sawing and nailing and screwing like a madman! SUPER EXCITING!!

{installing the armrests}

{view from the foot of the chaise}

The bench is set low, which will (eventually) have cushions, for more lounge-y seating

{This is a view of the rear} 

These wood slats will enclose the entire bench box and be stained the same color as the swing.

 Here's what we have left to do:  
~install the plywood for seating;
~enclose the box with wooden slats;
~install the overhead beam across the back;
~stain the entire thing and; 
~add cushions and throw pillows. 

And after all that, we'll add a few decorative elements (lighting, sun shades, etc) to complete the project.

I was also able to enjoy the cooler my dad built for us. After drenching the wooden box in water sealant and "testing out" the cooler itself, I am very satisfied with it!! And it keeps the beer super cold!

 I can't wait until everything is complete and we're able to enjoy our "outdoor room" 

Please stay tuned for more!....

Mrs. V!ck!!

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