sleeping beauty...

So, as part of my summer bucket list (as seen on Lola Inspired a few weeks back) I've decided that I want to DIY a headboard for our master bedroom.

I have all the time and skill needed to create this little beauty, but I just can't seem to make up my mind as to what style of headboard I want. Here's what I DO know:

I want a simple rectangle, or as they say, 'Oxford'

Also, I definitely want White (P)Leather

Now I need to decide what style I'd like to have. There are so many options. I could go with a tufted look:

{I know this will probably take a lot more time and elbow grease to create, but they're just so fab!}

Another option would be to have smooth fabric with a nailhead trim like this:

 Then again, a framed headboard could be a possibility as well...

 I just can't make up my mind....guess I'll have to consult with Mr. V!ck on this one...after all, he sleeps there too ;)

Mrs. V!ck

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  1. Of the smoothed fabric with nail trim, I like the last option. And same for the framed, I like the last option for that also! You are so crafty!!!