My ears are ringing with the sound of wedding bells!

And have been since my friend (the first of many) got engaged to her soul mate, which started a pattern in my social circle. Now, 8 months, 7 engagements and 5 weddings later, it isn't over yet!

I absolutely love weddings- for the most part.  I love the design aspect of a wedding...from the dress to the flowers to the decor. I had so much fun planning my own wedding, and helping with my friends' weddings as well.  The best part is looking back on each one and seeing [their] personalities reflected in the details.

Below is just a glimpse at my BFFs' BIG DAY(s):

First came the Non-traditional Nawlins-style Nuptials, of the most non-traditional couple I know.

G-Rat and the Ginger-Jap ;-)
Photos courtesy Robert T Photography (Trent Spann) of via Facebook

After ringing in the New Year, my other bestie tied the knot Louisiana Plantation-style:

 (my fav Southern Belle and her Beau)
 Photos courtesy of Thompson Photography via Facebook

(Next came my wedding....but I'll get to that in a bit.)

Just a week following my wedding was, of course, the Royal Wedding---and I don't mean William + Kate...

In a Bap-Lic style tradition (a term I coined in college meaning a short sweet Baptist ceremony and a crazy alcohol-induced Catholic reception) K+B were married on 4|30|11!

Introducing Mr. Right and Mrs. ALWAYS Right!
 Photos courtesy of Aimeezing Faces via Facebook

Last but not least, ME & MR.V!! 4|9|11 It was on this (ridiculously hot) sunny day in the Windrush Gardens of the LSU Rural Life Museum  that I said my "I Do's" to my Mister.

Photos courtesy of Mark H. Saltz Photography

{And Everyone Lived Happily Ever After....}



  1. I love you so much friend!!! I love weddings so Much as well!!! And yours was perfect!!!

  2. :) love the blogging! and you're's not over yet...i have 4 more weddings before the end of this year!