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So I have another lovely couple of friends getting married soon!  Congrats to the 'Bass'-To-Be, Laura! and her Groom, Bob.  CHEERS to the {future} new couple!

We recently threw a 'Tool Shower' for Mr. Bass, and it went like this:

9 rounds later, the girls' team was still undefeated. True Story!

But the guys finally got one...

the last one...


Now as the big day approaches, there is much to plan: Bridal Shower (next weekend!), bachelorette party, lingerie shower, NOLA be prepared!

Right now, I am trying to decide on the shoes I should wear with my b-maid gown. Here it is:

dress by Jasmine Bridal from the B2 Collection

What's funny is this is the exact dress I wore for Mrs. B's wedding back in January, only in a different color (sorry no pics available)

Anywho, so the dress is an espresso brown (above) and I'm trying to find the perfect shoes to wear. Although, let's be real, the dress is long and me feet probably won't even be showing but here's what I've been eying. Let me know your thoughts:

{glittery bronze t-strap}


{ another glittery gold high heel sandal}

honestly, I don't know when I'll ever wear a pair of glittery shoes again, 
but don't you just love them?!

Then again, I could just go with something basic?

 {Almond snakeskin pump}

{ Nude patent pump}

 {Camel patent sling back}

Here's a little more info on the color scheme of this wedding. 
It will be held outside in August and the flowers will look a little something like this:

So which shoe would you choose?
 I can't decide !!

xo, Mrs. V!ck

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  1. Outside wedding, in August...I say NO to the glitter. My faves are the Almond snake skin AND you WILL wear those again because they're HOT HOT HOT!!