Yesterday I came across a blog challenge posted on Living Well on the Cheap that I am hoping to, what's the word, meet? Yes, I will meet this challenge!

Let me back up a minute and give you a little background info... See, there's this fantastic site called Pinterest and if you're not familiar with it, well then, you need to be. Let me explain, Pinterest is like a virtual bulletin board where you can 'pin' images of anything and everything you see on the web that tickles your fancy.

For instance, when I was planning my wedding, I was constantly pouring over wedding sites and blogs for ideas. And when I would find something I liked, I would try to 'bookmark' it, or download the image to a file I created.... What a waste of time AND hard drive space, right?

So, along comes Pinterest, where I was able to pin all these wonderful images and ideas for my wedding, in a more efficient and organized way. AND because your pins are saved to the internet rather than your computer, you can access your Pinterest account from any computer. Even your mobile device. HOLLLLAR!

Now, back to the point: Pinterest Challenge. I, among many others, have TONS of DIY and HOW TO pins that I'd like to try [one day], but rather than actually DOING, I just pin pin pin.

So here's the Pinterest Challenge

As an avid crafter/DIYer, I take this challenge very seriously! And I plan to get started this weekend. Here are some things I've already done:

 super yummy and easy!

 I've seen so many beautiful wreathes on Pinterest, and finally made my own! [here]

 my glitter-ific punkins ;)

 cake topper for my wedding, made by my lovely mother, [PINspiration here]

 I'm actually still working on this project. 
Not so easy, but I'll get it!!

  Now, I'm not sure what to do next!




 I have a feeling this will be my next project

Which one would you choose?

Have a great weekend, lovelies!

Mrs. V!ck


  1. I too have a pinterest addiction. It all started a few months ago when I was sitting in the dentist’s office waiting for a cleaning. I was killing time with FB, and I came across your blog. I don’t remember what it was on, but you had a collection of pins with feathers or sequins or mirrors that I thought was really pretty. From that moment, I was hooked. I’m sure I’ve lost over a month of productivity at work skimming through pinterest! I’ve also hooked most of my friends. I’ve created some cool stuff, and I’m dying to have my sewing machine back (I left it in LA when we moved to ME). I wonder if Pinterest “careers” has a listing for “Professor: Biochemistry and Molecular Biology.” That way I could get paid to wear sequin evening gowns while cooking beautiful meals in my dream kitchen in a log cabin at some exotic resort while someone takes dreamy pictures of me and my family. Ha! Until I saw this blog post of yours, I had completely forgotten where I first saw pinterest! (I think that you should do the scarf next, but I do like the wood table idea).
    --Kathrine Pritchard Weeks

  2. That's so great! Glad I opened your eyes to Pinterest, Kathrine! I think the scarf project will be perfect for Christmas presents this year. And thanks for reading!