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I always like to tune in to LolaInspired for her Awkward and Awesome Thursday! posts. If you haven't read one yet, you definitely should, because this gal will make you bust a gut laughing. 

Note: I'm not going to have a habitual post like this one, but I just had to share this one time...

AWESOME...stumbling across a really pretty white fur cape that would be perfect for a friend of mine to wear over her wedding gown since it’ll prob be pretty cold the night of.

AWKWARD.... trying it on and noticing it's actually a Christmas tree skirt!  WHAMP WHAMP! 

AWESOME...these fantastic new suede wedges I bought

AWKWARD... for some reason, they smell like bologna burps. NO! It's not my feet. They smelled like that in the box.

Yay for Thursdays!!

Mrs. V!ck

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