Master Bath Renov...Part I

We purchased our [fixer-upper] casa in march 2010. Wow!- almost 2 years already?!?

Since making the transition from renters to homeowners, we've had to come to grips with the reality that there is always something to take care of [which costs $$]. And, unfortunately, we can't call the landlord... that's US!

Luckily, we benefited from the first time home buyers tax refund, which meant $8,000 in our pocket. THANKS OBAMA! Had it not been for that $8k, all of our home renovations would be history. And I would still have lavender bedroom walls and navy formica [gag] counter tops.

Somehow, we managed to stretch that $$ and made improvements to almost every room in the house.

The last room we have left to tackle with major renovations is the master bath...and what a beauty it is [was]



[inspiration pics] 

 wood floors?

half wall-to separate the sink from toilet?

This is [almost exactly] it! Same vanity with wainscot walls.
What are your thoughts on the light blue walls?

All of these photos are via my Pinterest

I'll keep you posted on our progress!!

Mrs. V!ck

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  1. love the the color and brown such a great color combo..cant wait to see the finished product :)