baby life

Baby life. What is there to say except that it's easy....for him. 

 I remind my little bundle of joy, when he cries out during a diaper change, that life will never again be as easy for him as it is now. Unless my baby becomes a ga-zillion-aire, no one will ever wipe his butt, feed him and let him sleep all day like he does now. lol. Well, maybe.

Actually, Koen's day-to-day routine isn't much different than his step-brother, Buddha {our Australian Shepherd}. Eat. Poop. Sleep. Repeat.

But, he has had more 'wake time' lately. Usually after his feedings, we exercise by doing bicycle kicks {this helps relieve gas} and we have tummy time to help him strengthen those neck muscles. Haha, poor baby had gotten pretty good at holding his head up during his first month, but then hit a growth spurt and now has to retrain his neck to steady that melon. I actually gave him a neck massage today after tummy time. he loved it.

What else? Oh, he's daddy.

His face changes. Every. Day.

And he likes to giggle. it's the most adorable thing to me. 
I thought puppies were cute. Puppies have nothing on this kid.

I've heard that if a baby smiles or laughs during his sleep, it means angels are talking to him. 
I've also heard it could be gas... but I think I like the angel theory best.

Parenthood has proven to be better than expected. Truth be told, I had no idea what to expect. I can tell you that I never thought I could function on so little sleep. Or that I could love a person I've known for only a short time so unconditionally. And I could never have imagined how excited daddy and I would get over poop. 

Yes, people, poop. Greenish-brown, sometimes runny, sometimes sticky, always explosive. Poop.

See,  breastmilk is almost 100% digestible so there's virtually no waste, therefore breastfed babies, apparently, don't need to poop but like once a week...  BUT, when you see your little one red faced and straining throughout the day, you tend to disagree with everyone who says it's "normal" not to poop. This is why I say daddy and I get excited over poop. We even sing a song about it- "Whoop whoop poop poop". Seriously.

There have been some difficult moments, as expected. For instance, breast feeding is not going as well as before. We started off strong. I was actually impressed at how easily he caught on, but now, nothing. It's like he changed his mind about 'ninny'. It seems like every time I put him to breast, he falls asleep before finishing. Then I have to pump and bottle feed him the rest. I've tried stripping him down to his diaper to wake him a little. Nah, didn't work. I tried changing positions. This just seemed to irritate him.

I'm hopeful though... We WILL get the hang of it, because mommy is so over that damn breast pump.

Ahhh, parenthood. Love.

mama V!ck

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  1. man i can see that vicknair...i see you too girl...but in those particular pics...vicknair all the way. Enjoy this time (i know you are) its some of the best!! (well until you hear the words "i love you mommy" those are pretty amazing too :)