Guess who's 2 months today?!

It's September 14 already! I can't believe my little Koen is 2 month old today! Everyone warned me that these days and the precious moments that fill them would go fast...and they are!

Since birth, Koen has grown to 8 lbs 15 oz  and 20 3/4 inches! And he's consuming 3 times the amount of milk as he was when we first brought him home.

He's starting to be able to focus on objects now and particularly likes to look at Mr. Owl that hangs from his mobile.  Koen also likes listening to Beach House during the day with daddy and The Innocence Mission lullabies with mommy during nap time.

Bath time is something we're still getting used to. Mommy sometimes forgets to cover his eyes before rinsing. Or cover my eyes when he shoots a stream of pee into the air . And he's so slippery when he's wet--I worry he's going to shoot out of my hands like a wet bar of soap. But I think he's getting used to it. It's funny to hear his shriek when coming in contact with the water then stopping abruptly when he realizes "Oh yeah, I like this warm wet stuff.."

 {first bath}

As he continues to grow and learn, I'm sure I'll have many more funny, exciting and joyful moments to share with you.

Happy 2 months little boy. Mommy loves you.

mama V!ck

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