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Forgive me for not having posted much lately... I've been a very busy girl, but I appreciate you sticking around

Most of my time has been spent enjoying the outdoors. I must say, I have {very much} been enjoying my new patio space. And now that Fall is peeking, (not peaking—it’s still hot as balls here) I’ve been able to take advantage of the few days of nice cool temps we’ve had.

As always, Thursday the gals and I got together for Project Runway night. SHOUT OUT to Anthony Ryan Auld for kicking ass on PR this season! 

[photo courtesy of}

These nights consists of the yooj  (as in ‘usual’): gal-pals, wine, snacks, gossip, judgment, marriage-talk and fashion.
Speaking of fashion, nothing gets me more excited than FALL FASHION!  Or anything FALL for that matter…

This season I’ve been shopping around and putting together some pretty fantastic pieces.
What’s funny is how I get all excited about these new outfits, yet, where the hell would I wear these? On weekends, my wardrobe consists of LSU or Saints gear. And let’s be real….here is what I look like for work 

Every. Day.

{gross! hack! this photo is awful!}

But enough about my daily fashion mishaps. Here’s what I’d love to be wearing:

{white blazers}
[Zara jacket as seen on]

BROKEN RULE #1: yes, I wear white after labor day

{scarves and riding boots}
[ via Tumblr ]

I'm really loving brown leather right now

[ via skinny. ]
see how this simple sweater dress is 'dressed up' with a scarf and belt.
BROKEN RULE #2: black and brown DO go together

{moto jacket}
[Muubaa Jacket Rebel]
because it makes you look badass.

yes, you would be the hottest chick on the farm in this.

I wear these year-round:  peep toe or closed, sandal or bootie.

I really should make an attempt to dress well and look nice on the daily, but alas, 
I love sleep waaay too much to get up that early.

Luckily, the holidays are approaching....maybe then I'll get to wear my new outfits!


Mrs. V!ck


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