Once upon a Halloween....

Looking back over the years at all the Halloweens I've spent with Mr. V!ck, it's funny to see all the costumes we've worn.  Clearly, some guises were better than others. DON'T JUDGE!


This is the first time Mr. V!ck and I ever hung out <3


Vampires? Really?....HALLOWEEN FAIL

the Texas Oil Tycoon
and his gold-digging wife?
what a lovely couple


This year was, by far, Mr. V!ck's best costume idea. And I can't find the pic :(  Bummer
He was dressed as Nacho Libre -- 
I can't even begin to tell you how funny it was! And he spoke in a Hispanic accent all night.

I was a Black Widow Spider. My 8 legs each held a beer. Brilliant!

Wednesday Addams

and her traila trash baby daddy?
Bahaha...he actually looked pretty sexy in that cut-sleeve western shirt

this is when my peacock obsession began...

I was a devilish lil thang for work
and Margaret McPoyle later on...
I've never gotten the stank eye so much in my life
the Geico Caveman
It was quite an interesting night to say the least...

I can't wait to see all the awesome costumes at our party!

What were some of your best/worst Halloween costumes?

Mrs. V!ck


  1. Oh my word!! I never knew you dressed up as a Playboy bunny!! You've seen probably all of my worst and best costumes!!

  2. How do you think I snagged my man?!....