VD! VD! VD!...

NO, I don't mean venereal disease....

I mean Valentine's Day!

" Every February 14, across the United States and in other places around the world, candy, flowers and gifts are exchanged between loved ones, all in the name of St. Valentine. But who is this mysterious saint, and where did these traditions come from? Find out about the history of this centuries-old holiday, from ancient Roman rituals to the customs of Victorian England." [HISTORY.COM]

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Valentine's Day is the [overly-commercialized] day when happy couples celebrate their love, when besties celebrate their friendship, when florists and greeting card companies make a ton of money, when every decent restaurant in town gets booked up with reservations... you get my point.

Ahh, Valentine's Day. 

Maybe you're like me and find long-stemmed roses and heart-shaped chocolates overrated and cliche'...? No?
[ I won't lie, I do love those heart shaped phrase candies ;-) ]

Nevertheless, each year on this day, I try not to get all caught up in Cupid madness. K.I.S.S., as they say: [keep it simple, stupid], and do for your special someone what you think [or know] they would appreciate.

One of my sweetest Valentine memories go back as far as 3rd grade, when *the boy I had a crush on* gave me a potted violet. He even painted my name on the flower pot. guess he had a crush on me too.

In middle school, my *boyfriend* got me Green Day's Dookie album on cassette (remember that one?) for Valentine's day. What a guy! LOL. Seriously, I thought it was the best VD gift ever! But I still wouldn't kiss him ;-)

Of course, my best Valentine memories have been with my lovie, Mr. V!ck...

Once, way back when we first started dating, he gave me tulips [my absolute favs] and strung up a clothes line in my back yard to hang laundry (and possibly to block my nosy neighbor's view). It was perfect!

Another time, we took a horseback ride and picnicked along the river, [he had never ridden a horse before, so that was interesting, to say the least....especially after all the bubbly].

Last year, we had a simple dinner then treated ourselves to yummy frozen yogurt. Mmmmm, can't beat that!

Over-priced bouquets and jewelry are never part of my V-Day celebrations. It's always something more intimate and personal. Here are some of my personal favs, and something any of you could do for your special someone:

~Start the day off with a homemade breakfast pour deux

~Or, if your mornings are too crunched for breakfast, why not whip up a romantic dinner?

complete with his/her favorite sweet treat...

And if you're terrible in the can always get cooking somewhere else... have a picnic with a bottle of wine and your favorite [store-bought] sweets.

Lastly, if all else fails, just leave him/her a lovely, straight-from-the-heart note

What are some of your best Valentine's Day memories? Your worst? Tell me about them!

And I hope everyone has a wonderful, loving, romantic February 14th!

Mrs. V!ck

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