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 I know what you're thinking....what the hell?!? where have you been?

February is almost over and I haven't posted anything worth reading in a while. Hell, I haven't even posted the finished product of our master bath redo. Terrible! I know!  I'm slacking. Big time. So here's what's up....

Things are gonna be a-changin' 'round here, cuz I'm, preggers (what am I typing? I despise that word), with child! 

Yep, bebe on the way in T-minus 6 months! August 21st, to be exact. Mr. V!ck and I have been knowing since before Christmas, which means I'm 15 weeks! He's pretty stoked, that proud papa! Although it took me a little while, I am (now) super excited about becoming a mama.  I can't wait to meet our little offspring!

Boy or Girl? 

Well, we haven't found out yet....and we're not sure we want to. I think it's kind of exciting not knowing, and being surprised in the end. Don't you? Then again, we'll see when the time comes for Doc to give us the news if we choose to find out or not...

Til then, I'll be dreaming of neutral-ish baby nurseries- free of sterotypical blues and {gag} pinks! I have been diggin the coral and aqua color combo. And yellow and gray, of course.

Check out these 2 nursery designs I found on {Lay Baby Lay}

Don't you just love love love them?! I do.
I can't wait to get started on 'widdle V!ck's' room.

Mama V!ck

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  1. OMGEEEEEEE Congrats!!! How very exciting! You are due only like six weeks later than me so maybe our little ones can be friends! So happy for you and the Mr!