Master Bath renov....Pt.III

As you may know, Mr. V!ck and I have been working our little butts off on renovating our master bathroom for the last few weeks

[see here and here]

At this point, we are about 75% complete with our project...

The walls are painted

The wainscot is hung

The floorboards are installed

The trim is in place

[nothing a little caulk and paint won't fix]

So what's left, you ask?

Well, the crown molding around the top perimeter needs to be installed [it's only partially done], as well as the light sconces that will flank both sides of the vanity mirror [hints the holes on the wall].

I was thinking something like this:

What do you think? I need your feedback! These are not easy decisions to make 

And of course, the toilet needs to be put back and the new vanity installed:

Lastly, a few finishing touches [in the form of storage baskets, brushed nickel towel racks and accessories and art!] and our master bath project will be complete!!

Please stay tuned to see the end result!!

Mrs. V!ck

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