It's 2013!

We are already two weeks into the new year and getting things started off right!!  So what's been going on lately in my little world? let's see.....

As you may know, my family was in town from France for the holidays and Koen has grown especially close to them.
{Koen avec mamily}

{Koen, mamily, mami et tati}

{Koen avec tati Muche}

This little boy has been spoiled rotten since they got here. So much attention, dancing, singing and love, he couldn't be happier! {nor could I}

Also, I hit a milestone in age. Yes, this girl celebrated her 30th birthday on the 7th.
 {not bad for 3 decades, right?}

{yummies from mah bestie Katie}

{mama got the spins after blowing out 30 candles!}

I have to admit, my twenties are sort of a blurr, but that's only because memory loss is a side effect of old age {and mommy brain}.....  I mean, it's not easy to remember 10 years back. Geez, I have trouble remembering what day it is.

My friend asked me "did you accomplished everything you wanted to by age 30?" YES. I. DID.

College degree(s)

I'm so looking forward to what my 30s have in store for career, more babies (ha! my uterus just cramped up), growing old(er) with my hubby, traveling.... who knows?!

This past Saturday was a special day as well. Koen was christened, along side his new little cousin, Lily. We were super excited that Lily and Koen could share this special day together.

{the day after Lily was born}

 {Koen with his godparents}

{Koen and his beautiful cousin Lily}

What else?...Oh! Koen turned 6 months today! time flies! 

Our little tater weighs 16 pounds now, and is just over 26 inches long.  He may not be the tallest, but this boy's well fed, ya hear!  He started eating solid foods on New Year day! Carrots, sweet potato, pumpkin, yellow squash and apple are all he's had so far and he loves it! Mama can't seem to shovel it in fast enough ;) 

Koen still doesn't sit up completely on his own, but he's trying. We see him straining in his car seat restraints, trying to sit up. {There has to be 6 pack abs under all that baby fat!} 

I think 6 months is a pretty exciting time for us. I can't wait to see what's in store.....Koen's first Mardi Gras, perhaps?!?

Hope you all are enjoying the new year so far. Stick to those resolutions. Don't give up!

mama V!ck

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