Five, Four, Three, Two...

Yessir, only 2 days away from the new year {next time, Mayans, next time}!!

I can't believe how quickly we moved through this 2012. This year brought about MANY changes in our lives. We got our first "family car"... and just in time because this time last year is when I was beginning to have suspicions about being pregnant (because obviously, the 6 positive pregnancy tests didn't convince me). We celebrated our first anniversary in 2012! And Mr V!ck got a good promotion (right after I got canned from my job) #luckyme #burnjasper

2012 was the year of the baby- boys, especially. Besides our little bundle of joy, we welcomed our nephew, Jai David, into the world, as well as petit Maxence and his cousin Victor in France, my cousin's little girl Lily and most recently, my gal pal's boy, Ty! Not to mention there were at least 10 other babies born recently to people I know! Whew! Koen won't be lacking cousins or companions! And that means 2013 has a LoT of first birthday parties in store. I love parties!

Speaking of parties, one of my resolutions, or 'goals' should I say, for 2013 is to launch my event planning business Project:FĂȘte! to the public. I have enough events under my belt now to show off on a website and social media sites.  I'm sooooo excited about t it! Once it's all in full swing, I'll be sure to post up and hopefully YOU (my faithful followers) can help spread the word ;)

With less than 2 days to go, I'm anxious to get the new year rolling! It's going to be a great one! I wish you all the best 2013 has to offer. PEACE. LOVE. HEALTH. PROSPERITY.

Xoxo, mama Vick

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