playing photographer... bloopers

I thought that as the proud owner of a DSLR camera (remember the one I got for Christmas last year) as well as the proud owner of a new baby, that I would document the hell out of his milestones. Any excited wannabe photog parent would, right? Well for those of you who don't know me well, I tend to lean on the procrastination side..

His nursery still is not complete. oopsie. His birth announcements went out after he already turned 4 months old. Oh wait, nope, 5 months. oopsie. He never had newborn pics taken because I was supposed to do them. oopsie. And all the photo sessions we've had up to this point have not produced results I was expecting. It seems though, that most times, folks only like to share the 'good' pictures. You know, the ones filled with great smiles, eyes open and hair perfectly coifed. Personally, I always find humor in the 'blooper' pics!

Allow me to present

Exhibit A: Spring pics
well hello there, Stella.

(insert your own caption here)

Exhibit B: First Halloween

 attempting to be creative. FAIL.

not as thrilled about his first punkin as mommy was. obviously.

yeah...and he really loved his first Halloween costume.

Exhibit C: Fall pics

that session went well...

Exhibit D: Christmas pics (taken in 2 different sessions)

Baahaha! What can I say?? For some reason, I am always the one smiling when I see these pics! I think they're hilarious!

I'd love to hear about your holiday photo mishaps.

xoxo, mama V!ck

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