wrapping up the Holidays...

Well, the Christmas chaos has finally settled down and things are back to normal....right?
I've spent the last 2 days un-decorating my house. Blah. Now all I need to do is find the strength to tackle the big box stores for some ornament storage containers.

Besides that, I have been enjoying my time off from work [though my paycheck-or lack of- is going to kill me next week]. I've spent my days sleeping late and doing 'wife' stuff.... which isn't so bad when I actually have time for it. Hey, I fixed hubbs lunch 2 days in a row.....don't tell me I'm not domestic!

I've also been spending my time playing with one of my Christmas presents- my new camera!!  As if hubbs didn't outdo himself with the new car, he also got me a super fantastic SLR camera.

So I've been experimenting with various techniques and trying to figure out what everything is-- so much fun!  In just 2 days, I had already taken over 600 pics. Hubbs has been playing around too. Here are just a few shots we've taken:

Not bad, right? I'd like to learn some techniques like these [all from Pinterest]

Any suggestions? Tell me what you think!!

Mrs. V!ck


  1. All of the techniques you so desire are easy, girlfriend! Just play with aperture - keep your lens as wide open as you can - and your photography dreams will allude you no more!