oh, the joys of giving...

As the holiday season approaches, I always have mixed emotions… I get super excited about decorating (you already knew that) and family gatherings and good food. But my hang up is always gift giving.
Why? Because I love giving gifts! To EVERYONE!  

This is why I am so into making gifts.  As a self-proclaimed avid DIYer, I usually come up with a brilliant project idea (or at least I think it is) that’s affordable.

It’s like this, I have a wide array of personality types to give to during the holidays.  From the Diva, to the techy, to the outdoorsy, young and old, guy or gal (mostly gals), and I feel I’ve been pretty successful at pleasing…or at least that’s what folks lead me to believe
Ex: In the past I’ve made aprons, bath salts, dehydrated fruit (sounds weird, but soooo good, and good for you), personalized anything (ornaments, wreaths, doormats).

I feel like there’s no way I can possibly get everything on a person’s list. Nor do I want to. It just seems so superficial. And I hate holiday crowds. For this reason, I think a homemade gift is, not only, thoughtful but let’s my creativity flow and comes from the heart. 

Here are just a few DIY ideas that I think would make a perfect gift for just about anyone this season:

1. Bring it back "old school" with a friendship bracelet
your Bestie is sure to love and appreciate the playfulness!

2. For the one who loves to accessorize
 make an earring holder from a beautiful (open) frame
with lace strung behind it

3. For the one who loves to get pampered:
homemade body scrub
 recipe here

4. For the chef in the family
 get an inexpensive set of cookie cutters, spray paint them any color, glue together and add a bow. Voila!

5. For the fun/trendy personal on your list: a necktie cuff bracelet
 take dad's old neck ties, cut to desired length, 
use velcro to fasten and embellish with a funky button

6. For the newly married couple:
cut [their invitation], line by line, scroll and stuff into a beautiful glass ornament
It makes for the perfect sentimental gift.

I really hope this inspires some of you to throw out that 'list' and to create something brilliant for that special person. I promise they won't be disappointed!

Happy Holidays!!

xoxo, Mrs. V!ck

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