I made the 'nice' list this year!!

Who would have 'thunk' it, right?

Apparently, Santa's been keeping notes....That, or he knows the condition of my widdle Altima...Yes, it rattled like an old washing machine, had a missing driver side door handle and windows with minds of their own....guess he noticed ;)

Well, when I got home from work on Monday, LO-AND-BEHOLD the beauty that was sitting in my driveway:

Yep, that's right... a brand new 2012 Kia Soul!!

My hubbs actually drove around and waited in the parking lot across the street from our house, until I got home from work, so he could surprise me with it.

He's so great! Sneaky....but great! Not to mention my parents were a little sneaky too..

I am so happy. LOVE IT!! 

Thanks so much, y'all! Merry Christmas to me.

xoxo, Mrs. V!ck

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