Deck the Halls with shiny balls!

I've been a busy bee, decorating my home for the Holidays. This year my parents are hosting our family Christmas party at my house, so I want it all to be in tip top shape for our guests.

That means mucho festive decor.

Since I've always lived in matchbox apartments, I had to have a matchbox-sized tree. Now that we are in our house, my widdle tree looks so out of scale. Unfortunately, it's all I have to work with. {next year, I'm getting a big girl tree!}

But I've improvised...
  • Exhibit A- my lime green Grinch tree
  • Exhibit B- hubb's old drum set
  • Exhibit C- my DIY ornies
So far it's come down to this:

I am not completely satisfied with it yet, but it'll all come together...eventually

Stayed tuned for more...

Mrs. V!ck

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