Farewell Furry Friend

He had many names, but “Boss” is the one that stuck… 

His playful, curious puppy life was taken much too soon.

As angry and heart-broken as I am, I wanted to share with you how wonderful our widdle Boss-hoss was. 

Boss came into our lives on Mothers’ Day last year (5-8-11). Mr. V!ck was supposed to go to the store for ice cream. Instead, he came back with, um, chocolate! To our best knowledge (and many outside opinions) he was part chocolate lab and part pit. No one knows for certain, but he sure was a cutie! No bigger than a shoe (at first), with big blue eyes, Boss melted our hearts. 

 [and to think we were going to give him away. HA!]

Eventually, those blue eyes turned an intense gold color. And his clumsy puppy body grew into a strong muscular (still kinda clumsy) dog. But still, he had some growing to do…years of growing…

Boss loved to be the in water

and going to the dog park.

He liked playing with brother and sister

and taking doggie naps....often on the hammock

His tail was like a whip-always smacking into things!

He ate everything in sight, from paint brushes to electrical cords to beer cans-
I know it sounds like we have a dump of a back yard, but honestly, I don’t know where he got half this stuff.

And by no means should one leave an alcoholic beverage unattended.

He could leap super high. 

He had a few [store bought/made for dogs] toys but his favorite was a log. Yes, a LOG. He proudly pranced around the yard with it in his mouth (bigger than his face) and would drop it at (or ON- ouch) your feet to play fetch.

Boss was supposed to be around for a while; to watch our children grow up and grow old with us. We had big plans for Boss-man. He was going to be in our family forever.

Despite the [occasional] destructive behavior, he was a great dog. “Man’s best friend”, that’s what Boss was.
He was smart, loyal and he loved us. What more could you want from a furry friend?

Hopefully, Boss is in puppy heaven now…swimming all day and chewing on God’s furniture. I know a couple little angels up there that would love the companionship of a dog like Boss.

Rest in peace, little friend.
BOSS [2011~2012]

Mrs. V!ck

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  1. Sophie, I'm so sorry! Losing a pet is so hard, and I imagine it's made even more difficult by the fact that he was so young! Poor little guy. I hope he's resting peacefully.